Pole Vault Mat Weather Cover

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Protect your pole vault landing mats from unnecessary wear and tear when not in use with a highly durable weather cover. Specifically designed to snugly fit your AAE landing mat system, this shield provides defense against adverse weather conditions, ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

  • The gray weather cover, integral to AAE's "Color ID" system, indicates that the pit is not in use; when the color competition top is visible, it means that the pit is ready to use for competition or practice
  • The heavy 18-ounce double knife-coated gray vinyl cover serves as a protective shield for your pole vault mat, guarding it against the elements when not in use
  • Offering superior protection against moisture and UV radiation
  • Covers are available to fit AAE Pole Vault Mats, including the SPV-30XL and SPV-32XL models (21'-6" x 24'-0"), as well as the larger SPV-32XXL model (21'-6" x 27'-0")
  • Proudly made in the USA and backed by our AAE warranty
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